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Making Contact by Ouija

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So, you want to play with an Ouija board? If so, here are ways to narrow down your chances of contacting negative entities. First and foremost, the Ouija is not a game.  It is a tool used to communicate with loved ones who are no longer physically with us.


When operating the Ouija there are rules you must obey before even thinking about touching the planchette.

  1. Determine who you would like to contact. (Friend or family only)
  2. Nearby where your Ouija session will commence, supply a picture of the deceased, a personal item that belonged to them, and an offering of something they enjoyed in life. (Cigarettes, drink, snack, flowers, etc)
  3. Dress a white candle with virgin olive oil and ask that it release positive energy. When lit, ask for the protection of Saint Michael.  Although this isn’t necessary, it wouldn’t hurt to open a psychic bubble around yourself.
  4. Smudge the room and each person with sage, asking that the smoke purify and protect you.
  5. Turn off the lights, join hands with other guests, and say the Lord’s Prayer.
  6. Now that you’re protected, ask to speak with your loved one by first and last name.



What You Shouldn’t Do When Entering an Ouija Session:

  1. Using the Ouija is not a joke. If a guest mocks the spirit, pushes the planchette, or insists this is fake, ask them to stop. If they are still disrespectful, ask them to leave. Their presence could accidentally invite negative entities into the session. My best advice is, if you know of a person who would disrespect the session, don’t invite them to partake in the experience.
  2. Don’t enter a session asking if there are any spirits here who would like to talk to you. Ask specifically for the spirit you want to communicate with. Going into a session so openly is dangerous. It’s like entering a chat room full of strangers and asking if anyone would like to hang out.
  3. Never give your last name. On the off chance that the spirit you’re speaking to is negative, it can reveal quite a bit of dirt on you.
  4. Never leave the session without thanking the spirit, Saint Michael, etc. for speaking to and/or protecting you.
  5. Close with the Lord’s Prayer.

What You May Experience During an Ouija Session:

  1. A change in room temperature. (Specifically drafts of cool air).
  2. Knocking that comes in sets.
  3. Fragrances regarding the deceased’s earthly pleasures.
  4. Drowsy or energy drained.
  5. I call my Ouija table my “Table of Tears” due to the quantity of people who have cried during our sessions.




The White Cat

In my decade of Ouija operating, I have had few negative experiences.  The only reasons for these experiences were due to me being new to spirituality and not knowing how to correctly operate the board.

When I started, I had very little knowledge of anything spiritual.  I had typical religious knowledge from attending church throughout life, but I hadn’t learned that spirituality and religion are two completely different things.

The worst circumstance regarded an entity, which identified itself as a demon.  Considering how willing it was to reveal its name, I have my doubts that it was an actual demon, but a negative spirit with demonic knowledge.  Research shows demons rarely reveal their names, unless they are forced into a corner. Furthermore, the chances of an entity being demonic is rather slim. Yet, these facts didn’t improve the circumstance.

The events prior this session occurred at friend’s house, which we will identify with the name X. It’s no secret I love the paranormal and because of me being so open about the subject, X confided in me.  X explained she and multiple friends had seen a white cat running through her house. I became fascinated with the thought of a phantom cat and immediately wanted to experiment.

I relayed the information from X to my mother, who is responsible for introducing me to the paranormal.  However, at that time, she was just as inexperienced as myself.  After debate, we decided this would be our opportunity to experiment.  I called X and explained we wanted to investigate the situation with an Ouija board.  Sounding like a good idea, X said, “Let’s do it.”

It was a Friday night in February when we arrived at X’s house with the Ouija. Here, X took us to a room where the white cat had been seen on multiple occasions. With a mixture of nervousness and excitement, we set up the board, lit a few candles, and turned off the light.

The session began by us inquiring if any spirits would care to communicate.  The planchette was hesitant at first, then it began moving at a slow pace.  A few questions later, the planchette gained momentum, and began answering us with immediate response.  Through questioning, we discovered the present spirit was a male who was attached to the property.

Minutes later, the spirit began contradicting itself.  It took on the antics of a practical jokester and boasted it had been lying to us. By the spirit admitting this, I felt my stomach drop with a toiling mixture of fear, confusion, and disappointment.  Judging by the looks on everyone’s face, I wasn’t the only one who felt this way.

Although none of us said we needed to stop the session, we continued asking questions, like something was urging us to go further.  Starting back at square one, we asked again for the spirit to identify itself.  In response, it claimed it was neither male nor female and it never existed in human form.  Next, the planchette revealed the number 66 and the name Baal.

Deciding this was over our heads, we ended the session and prayed for protection.  In our prayer, we also asked that the spirit depart from X’s property.  When finished, we sat dumbfounded, questioning our experience.  The cat, the number 66, and Baal – none of this made sense to us.

Since we were entering the new age of smart phones, X and I began research.  As we opened up our browsers, we didn’t expect to find anything substantial, much less anything that connected the clues.  To our surprise, demonology explained Baal presented himself in the form of a toad or white cat.  Furthermore, he is a Duke of Hell with 66 legions of demons under his command.

By learning this information, chills raced throughout me.  We all looked to one another, wide eyed and stiff with tension.  Not knowing what else to do, Mom and I suggested X contact a professional, and for the time being, she needed to pray and raise her positive vibes throughout the house by laughing, listening to upbeat music, etc.

On the drive home, I felt something peculiar and heavy weigh on me.  Instead of worrying about my wellbeing, I considered I was just creeped out from the session.  In the passing days, I began experiencing a mixture of anxiety and depression.  In the passing nights, I began sleeping with a lamp on, feeling too intimidated to sleep in the dark.

As a month progressed, my home, which always felt welcoming, changed.  With all of the warmth that a normal home provides, my residence became drained of its inviting atmosphere, until it was reduced to the shell of a house.  There were days the void was so great that I would open my windows, doors, and curtains, to allow in natural light.  At first, this helped.  But the sunlight was nothing more than a bandage.  The change in atmosphere became so great, friends who would visit for long hours made their visits shorter, claiming the house felt tight and heavy.

Realizing none of this was normal, and this wasn’t just my emotions playing a trick on me, I was struck by an epiphany.  But I couldn’t be certain of my assumptions, until I received verification.  To support my conclusion, I called X and asked how things were. X explained there were no more problems.  That moment was when I realized the negative spirit followed me home.

Now understanding what I was dealing with, I explained the circumstance to my mother.  Unbeknownst to me, she had been speaking with a friend who was a catholic priest.  As a precautious measure, he provided her with the following prayer known as Chalking a Threshold, or the Epiphany Blessing of a Home


After preforming the prayer on my front and back steps, the problems started decreasing, like someone pulled the plug from a full sink of dingy water.  Within days, my house simply opened back up and started to feel welcoming.  Visitors, who didn’t know of the haunting or the threshold chalking, returned to visit me.  Each time they dropped by, their visits began lasting longer.  One person even commented, “I don’t know what you’ve done, but your home feels more open.”

The Table of Tears

Although unskilled Ouija sessions can be dangerous, a skilled Ouija session can provide peace and closure. As previously stated, I call my table “The Table of Tears” due to the crying that has occurred during our skilled sessions.  Despite the name immediately bringing a negative assumption to mind, the reasoning behind this name is anything but negative.

Numerous times, when people have cried at my table upon contacting their loved ones, they have done so due to joy or closure.  When speaking with a loved one through the Ouija, one will know it is them.  Not only is it a feeling one receives in their heart, but the spirit will use verbiage and spelling that one can identify with.  Also, the spirit will use nicknames, and reference old sayings for confirmation.  Don’t be alarmed if your loved one still maintains their humor, sarcasm, etc.  Death only ends the physical.  Personality traits rarely change.  Yet, there is one circumstance where we learned of a personality change due to the afterlife.

Last Halloween, I invited two guests to participate in my yearly Ouija session.  As expected, the first person who attempted contact succeeded, and due to the closure she received from her father, she cried tears of joy.

After her emotional experience, the other participant, who we will call Minnie, was hesitant to make contact.  For as long as I’ve known Minnie, she has always been an introvert, who believes that crying makes her appear weak.  Fearing that she too would cry, she explained she changed her mind.  However, something unusual happened.  Her grandfather immediately manifested and started operating the planchette.  To verify his identity, he used verbiage and nicknames that only she identified with.

In their conversation, Minnie asked how things were in Heaven.  He explained the ailments he suffered in life were no longer bothersome.  She asked how her cousin was in Heaven.  Her grandfather said, “He’s still hardheaded”.  Then he added her grandmother was with him, and she had a good heart now.  Since what we physically suffer isn’t transferred into the spirit realm, I assumed she had heart problems in life.  Yet, he continued by saying Minnie’s grandmother was sorry.  After he and Minnie exchanged, “I love you” he departed.

Although I’m not one to pry in personal affairs of what is conversed through an Ouija session, I asked, “Did your grandmother have a heart condition while living?”

Minnie explained that in life, her grandmother was a woman who showed little compassion.  Due to the way Minnie described her hardened personality, I could see she and her grandmother had little to no family bond.  However, by what just occurred, Minnie was now smiling while she wiped her tears away.  Doing this, she explained she received the closure she needed.

Ever since making spiritualism a part of my life, I have preached that rarely does anyone ever receive a demonic attack.  Rather if one comes in contact with a negative entity, there’s a good chance they aren’t faced with a demon, yet they are speaking with the spirit of a negative person, as death rarely changes a personality.  However, by Minnie learning of her grandmother having a change of heart, this proves death can change the person who has transitioned into a spirit.

Side Notes

As you can see, the Ouija board does have positive and negative aspects.  It all depends on how you use the board, the participants you invite, and your knowledge of what you are doing.

Don’t be surprised if there is no response on your first try, or other times when using the board.  This can be normal, as it is the spirit who chooses to speak with us when our heart calls to them.  More times than not, a response will come to those who are seeking.

For more paranormal related blogs, check out the blog I wrote two years ago by clicking HERE.




I Have Lived to Tell About Psycho Path

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As Halloween approaches, I have decorated my house, gathered new horror movies, and downloaded the audiobook of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow to enjoy on my back porch on Halloween Eve. Now, all I have to do is carve a few Jack O’ Lanterns, and I’ll be ready for the night when all things run amuck.  Although, I will spend my Halloween at home, I would like to share with my readers an opportunity that they will not want to miss.

Last night, I went to the haunted attraction known as Psycho Path in Ellisville, MS.  Their complete info, for those who want to visit is as follows:

Psycho Path

28 Buffalo Hill Road

Ellisville, MS 39437

Phone: 601-641-1757

Payment is cash only, no refunds.


Myself and partner arrived early to avoid any lines, and we had the opportunity to speak with the ticket booth operator, a sweet woman by the name of Mamma Psycho.  In the time we were waiting, we learned fun facts about the path, such as how long it takes to set up and how frequently the owner changes the path, so it continues to surprise returning guests.

Before purchasing our tickets, we were warned that we could get blood, or dirt, on us.  Furthermore, Mamma Psycho stated, real weapons were used inside the path, and the actors/actresses were allowed to touch their guests, which could result in being pulled off the path.  By the way, if you visit in a large group, expect to be divided if your group is over 10 people.  The path can only take 10 people at a time, due to safety and small spaces, please respect this rule for your own safety and don’t hassle anyone about it.

When the time came to enter the path, we were led by a tour guide, who wore a bloody jumpsuit and a sack over his head.  Clutched in his right hand was a real meat hook.  His voice, guttural and menacing.  Behind us was his assistant, who was dressed as an erotic court jester from Hell.  While we followed our guide, and he spoke of the horrors that filled the woods, she took great care of us, as she informed when a dip down was coming, where roots were, holes, etc.  Because of them knowing the land that we walked upon, no one had any problems in exploration.

I won’t give away many spoliers, but I can’t describe the overall experience by keeping everything to myself.  The first scene we approached was interactive.  Our guide explained we had 30 seconds to make a choice, and the results could be to our favor, or not.  All I can say is, do it.  Open the door.


As we ascended the path, we went through a maze that became disorienting.  This is when the actors/actresses took advantage of the darkness and came after those who are walking through.  Once past the darkest section of the path, we were brought to a grim scene dedicated to Mississippi witches.  At this stop, our guide provided a story of murder and mayhem.  Besides the typical witch burnings, or hangings, one might expect to hear about, the story he told was unique and chilling.

From this attraction to the next, we had more actors/actresses attack, until we came to a location that harbored a bedframe with a sinister history.  The story that our guide provided for this relic is sure to make one feel like they are staring the devil in the eye.

Next, we were presented with a school bus, which we were told to load upon and sit.  Here, we received a story that is perhaps one of the most unsettling tales I have ever heard in a tour, which also provides, names, location, ages, and accuracy on the horrors that had happened on this bus.  As I listened to the tragedy that befell one poor girl, I couldn’t help but feel myself growing anxious with vibes that urged I was partaking in something forbidden.


After leaving the bus, if you haven’t already run for the hills, be sure your shoelaces are tied, because running will be important for the final scene.  After surviving the path, I was so excited about what I had experienced, I inquired with one of the actresses if the stories they told were true, or if they were just part of the show.  The actress confirmed, “Both, the stories are part of the show, but they are also true.”  Furthermore, she spoke about experiencing paranormal activity on the path, and how she lacked a rational explanation to debunk what had happened.

For the first time in a decade, I have experienced a truly frightening attraction, and I have no one else but the crew of Psycho Path to thank.  Prior to attending this haunt, I had no idea that not only would I receive scares, but I would explore a property that had collected haunted objects.  The overall experience made me feel like I had just walked through the Mississippi version of the infamous Warren’s Occult Museum.

Despite how intense this attraction is, it is family friendly.  However, if you have children who are inexperienced to horror, scares, or ghastly tales, I would suggest finding a babysitter.  Since this is a family friendly event, NO alcohol, bullying, or fighting is allowed on the premises.  Respect these rules and you will be able to experience the path in its full, adrenaline rushing glory.

Here are the links one can follow regarding Psycho Path:




Jack O’ Lantern Shot Recipe

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Last night, I shared online that I concocted a secret shot recipe for my new book, The Night the Jack O’ Lantern Went Out.

I offered to reveal that recipe, if TNTJWO was shared over 13+ times. Due to everyone’s support and love, here is my secret recipe.

Jack O’ Lantern Shot

Rim shot glass with:

Maple Syrup & Brown Sugar

Fill shot glass with:

Half Pumpkin Vodka

Half Amaretto Liquor


For those who are unfamiliar with TNTJWO, this book is a collection of 13 vintage Halloween stories that are themed around folklore, customs, and superstitions. On its release date, it was ranked in the top 100 under 3 bestseller lists on

Lists include:


#19 Horror Short Stories

#88 Genre Fiction/ Holidays


#93 Holidays

TNTJWO is already on its way to becoming a holiday cult classic with young adults and adults. Order your paperback or ebook by clicking HERE.

View a teaser trailer HERE.



Paranormal Investigator, Horror Author, and Spiritualist Kalila Smith Speaks of Halloween

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Kalila Smith has been a name imbedded in my head since I experienced the New Orleans Ghost Tours.  The first book of hers I ever bought was New Orleans Ghosts, Voodoo, and Vampires and I was hooked since.  For years, I had wanted to meet her and when I opened the guidelines for Southern Haunts: Spirits that Walk Among Us, I was beyond thrilled to work with her.  The first time I met her face to face was at a convention and we just happened to bump into one another.  We had that pause moment, where we looked at one another like we had known each other for a lifetime.  Then after a huge hug, we immediately clicked, and I have her to thank for my level of spirituality that I now have.  It is my greatest pleasure to interview a woman that I highly respect and that I feel is perfect to feature on my blog during the week of Halloween!

kalila__7 (1)

Kalila was born and raised in New Orleans. She personally researched and wrote the material featured on Haunted History Tours of New Orleans’ Ghost, Vampire and Spellbound tours. She is the author of New Orleans Ghosts, Voodoo, & Vampires, and Tales from the French Quarter, and Miami’s Dark Tales.  Her newest book is Afterlife Mysteries Revealed.

Her work as an intuitive psychic has been recognized for over 2 decades worldwide.

She has been featured on and worked behind the scenes on  television productions including Travel Daily, Places of Mystery, Secret New Orleans, Unsolved Mysteries, FEAR!, MTV’s On The Road, Blind Date, Hidden New Orleans, Urban Legends, America’s Most Haunted Places, In Search of…, and Supernatural Destinations. She appeared in the motion picture, “The St. Francisville Experience.” She wrote and directed “Journey Into Darkness… The Trilogy”, a video documentary, featured in segment in television broadcast in the US & UK.  And worked on and appeared in the documentary for Sony’s Playstation II game, Ghosthunter. She conducted all of the paranormal investigations for the local television show, “Haunted New Orleans.” She was a producer in the PBS documentary “Southern Haunts” New Orleans episode produced by Sky Dive Films.

Several of her true crime stories were featured in articles in and the National Crime and Punishment Museum Blog page.

Check out her short story “The Bequest” in Southern Haunts; Spirits That Walk Among Us.   Another short story, “The Devil’s Doorway” will be featured in the second Southern Haunts Anthology, and “Bayou Loup,” a werewolf story featured in “Luna’s Children,” a werewolf anthology.

What does Halloween mean to you?

Halloween is when the veil between our world and the spirit world is the thinnest.

What is your most memorable Halloween?

My most memorable Halloweens are the ones I shared with my kids when they were little.

What was your best Halloween costume? 

I was so busy one year, I just didn’t costume. I didn’t have time, I was worn out but then felt bad that I didn’t take part in the festivities.   When I got to work, I ran to Walgreens’ and picked up some cheap Halloween makeup and put white on my face and dark under my eyes and called myself a zombie!  I did my tours that night and everyone loved it!

What was your worst Halloween costume? 

A couple of years ago I did Medusa with plastic snakes and a wig.  The snakes were painted with a paint that caused my sinuses to close up and the bobby pins were stabbing me in the head.  It turned into the worst headache of my life.  Never again!

How do you celebrate Halloween today?

I work and I have worked on Halloween doing ghost tours, séances and readings for 19 years now.

Some people believe Halloween is a negative Holiday to celebrate. Why do you feel Halloween has such a controversy to it? 

Hollywood is usually to blame for giving a bad name to anything mysterious turning into something dark and evil.

What do you do to keep the ghost and ghouls away on Halloween night?

Well, we do séances and of course say prayers and sing to raise the vibration to keep lower vibrational spirits away.

What frightens you and why? 

New Orleans’ cockroaches.  Why? They fly.

What’s your favorite scary movie and why? 

One of my favorites that scared me beyond words was the Jeepers Creepers. Being stranded on a deserted country road with a monster after you, is pretty creepy. But I’m a classic horror buff. I like old school horror and anything Stephen King!

What’s your favorite horror book and why?

Cujo by Stephen King because as I read it, it was as if I was there.   During the car scene I actually felt very trapped and claustrophobic.   He really made that character come to life and it’s so frightening because it could actually happen.  What can be scarier?

Do you prefer slow burners or fast paced thrillers?

Both!  Just scare me!

What inspires your more frightening work? 

Legends I heard growing up in the bayous of South Louisiana.   I grew up hearing some really scary stories about ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and other monsters.

Do you plan to contribute to the horror genre in the future?

Absolutely! In fact, I’m sitting on a couple of short stories waiting for the right anthology to come along.

Where can we find your work?    http://

Ghost Hunting Philosophy by Alexander S. Brown

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One of the most famous questions throughout history – Do ghosts exist?  I am not here to convince you if they do, but to share a philosophy which could help the questionable mind. Having participated within multiple paranormal investigations and séances, I have, in some circumstances, interacted with the spirit realm and other times I have encountered unfruitful situations.  Throughout this blog I have posted photos that are unexplained.

Rules in my philosophy when conducting a paranormal experiment.

  1. Enter the investigation with a skeptical mind, debunk, debunk, debunk, and when you’re done, debunk some more.  The goal should be to prove the location is not haunted. (Debunking includes: reenacting questionable sounds and photos, and checking wiring.  When doing an E.V.P. voice check – such as if you sneeze, say clearly after, “Alex sneezing.”  Believe it or not but sneezing, coughing, yawning, etc. can sound extremely demonic – this is why voice tags are important.)
  2. If all debunking is complete and the situation remains unsolved, it is time to consider perhaps the disturbance is paranormal.
  3. One should not think a paranormal investigation should yield results in the first visit.  A location should be investigated multiple times.  I have encountered cases which have lasted weeks to months and some that remain cold cases.
  4. When all debunking has failed and conversing with a spirit is necessary, the number one rule is not to antagonize the departed.  Remember you are entering the home of the spirit and if it doesn’t want to speak with you, it doesn’t have to.  Antagonizing the spirit is a bullying method that causes negativity.  The situation can be like a chat room bully, the protagonist will either be ignored or retaliated against.
  5. When investigating, take notes and share them when the investigation concludes.  If you hear a voice on the E.V.P., write down what you think it says. Speaking an assumption can influence the thoughts of others.

Example:  You have a group of six investigators.  All investigators write down what they think they hear in the E.V.P. recording.  One of the six writes, “I’m going to get you.”  The other five write, “I can’t forget you.”  A vote of five win over the one.


Demons vs. Spirits

Such as angels and spirits, demons do exist.  However, the chance of seeing a demon is rarer than seeing a spirit and equally as rare as seeing an angel or spirit guide.

People will say they are haunted by a demon.  In most cases, if the situation can’t be debunked, they are simply haunted by an angry spirit.  My argument is if a person is a jerk in life, death won’t make him or her any nicer.  If a situation does prove to be demonic, refer to a church leader for assistance.  This is of course after debunking, psychiatric evaluation, and observation.


Reality vs. Entertainment

When we think of hauntings we think of movies such as the Paranormal Activity franchise, Poltergeist, etc.  The truth is, hauntings are not that extreme.  Even when TV shows reenactment hauntings, they bump up the scare factor for entertainment.  Actual hauntings are much more subtle, so subtle that unless you have the correct equipment (E.V.P.’s, cameras, EMF readers, etc.) the disturbance can be easily dismissed.

Demonic activity does exist and includes: scratching, bruising, depression, anxiety, and paranoia.

As you can see the symptoms of a haunting can be similar to a house with settling problems and a demonic attack could be nothing more than a troubled mind.  This is why you must investigate nonstop and do whatever it takes to debunk the situation of being paranormal.  By debunking you can save a family the stress of wondering what could be happening when the problem is simply poor floorboards, bad pluming, and electrical issues.  You can also save a troubled person the mental stress of what they think is a demonic attack by politely suggesting a psychiatric evaluation.  In more extreme situations where they are demonic entities, only professionals should investigate.

Now that we have considered the possibilities of hauntings and demonic attacks, I am here to say that both do exist, however, their existence isn’t as common as one would think.  Again, your goal is to prove a house is not haunted or a person isn’t possessed, any other goal when conducting an investigation, which does not include the mental or physical betterment of the client (those investigators who rule out debunking and go straight to “this house is haunted scenario”) are investigators, who have either not had the proper training or looking for fame.

alex 2

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