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May Horror & Paranormal Blogs

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My horror and paranormal blogs are now available for May.

Movie wise, I have compiled 3 horror movies suitable for Mother’s Day.


Book wise, I have dedicated a blog to Shirley Jackson.


Paranormal wise, I have outlined how to conduct a paranormal investigation and what one should expect when investigating.


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Sweet Nightmares,

Alexander S. Brown


Blog Revamp

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For the last few years, this blog has compiled interviews, paranormal articles, and reviews. It is time for a revamp. Currently, I am removing any post that isn’t an interview I have granted, or a post about my work; but don’t fret, I have created three new blogs to sister this one!

Here are three links for my new pages:

Alex’s Horror Movie Reviews and Suggestions

Alex’s Horror Book Reviews and Suggestions 

Alex’s Haunted Blog

This change should help you find the subjects you love easier.

Among these new blogs, I will try to post at the beginning of every month. If there is a specific subject you would like for me to cover, please post about it in the comments and I will consider the suggestion.

If you want to review my books, please contact me through my newsletter form. If you would like a review for your horror movie or book, know that I don’t leave bad reviews. This means if I didn’t care for your movie or book, I won’t review it. However, if you ask for an honest review regardless, I will post one, although it may not be to your favor.

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