Blog Revamp

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For the last few years, this blog has compiled interviews, paranormal articles, and reviews. It is time for a revamp. Currently, I am removing any post that isn’t an interview I have granted, or a post about my work; but don’t fret, I have created three new blogs to sister this one!

Here are three links for my new pages:

Alex’s Horror Movie Reviews and Suggestions

Alex’s Horror Book Reviews and Suggestions 

Alex’s Haunted Blog

This change should help you find the subjects you love easier.

Among these new blogs, I will try to post at the beginning of every month. If there is a specific subject you would like for me to cover, please post about it in the comments and I will consider the suggestion.

If you want to review my books, please contact me through my newsletter form. If you would like a review for your horror movie or book, know that I don’t leave bad reviews. This means if I didn’t care for your movie or book, I won’t review it. However, if you ask for an honest review regardless, I will post one, although it may not be to your favor.

If you would care to sign up for my newsletter, just click the following link and fill out the form. Newsletters are monthly and will feature horror reviews, paranormal blogs, giveaways, and more. Use this same form to contact me.


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