Making Contact by Ouija


So, you want to play with an Ouija board? If so, here are ways to narrow down your chances of contacting negative entities. First and foremost, the Ouija is not a game.  It is a tool used to communicate with loved ones who are no longer physically with us.


When operating the Ouija there are rules you must obey before even thinking about touching the planchette.

  1. Determine who you would like to contact. (Friend or family only)
  2. Nearby where your Ouija session will commence, supply a picture of the deceased, a personal item that belonged to them, and an offering of something they enjoyed in life. (Cigarettes, drink, snack, flowers, etc)
  3. Dress a white candle with virgin olive oil and ask that it release positive energy. When lit, ask for the protection of Saint Michael.  Although this isn’t necessary, it wouldn’t hurt to open a psychic bubble around yourself.
  4. Smudge the room and each person with sage, asking that the smoke purify and protect you.
  5. Turn off the lights, join hands with other guests, and say the Lord’s Prayer.
  6. Now that you’re protected, ask to speak with your loved one by first and last name.



What You Shouldn’t Do When Entering an Ouija Session:

  1. Using the Ouija is not a joke. If a guest mocks the spirit, pushes the planchette, or insists this is fake, ask them to stop. If they are still disrespectful, ask them to leave. Their presence could accidentally invite negative entities into the session. My best advice is, if you know of a person who would disrespect the session, don’t invite them to partake in the experience.
  2. Don’t enter a session asking if there are any spirits here who would like to talk to you. Ask specifically for the spirit you want to communicate with. Going into a session so openly is dangerous. It’s like entering a chat room full of strangers and asking if anyone would like to hang out.
  3. Never give your last name. On the off chance that the spirit you’re speaking to is negative, it can reveal quite a bit of dirt on you.
  4. Never leave the session without thanking the spirit, Saint Michael, etc. for speaking to and/or protecting you.
  5. Close with the Lord’s Prayer.

What You May Experience During an Ouija Session:

  1. A change in room temperature. (Specifically drafts of cool air).
  2. Knocking that comes in sets.
  3. Fragrances regarding the deceased’s earthly pleasures.
  4. Drowsy or energy drained.
  5. I call my Ouija table my “Table of Tears” due to the quantity of people who have cried during our sessions.




The White Cat

In my decade of Ouija operating, I have had few negative experiences.  The only reasons for these experiences were due to me being new to spirituality and not knowing how to correctly operate the board.

When I started, I had very little knowledge of anything spiritual.  I had typical religious knowledge from attending church throughout life, but I hadn’t learned that spirituality and religion are two completely different things.

The worst circumstance regarded an entity, which identified itself as a demon.  Considering how willing it was to reveal its name, I have my doubts that it was an actual demon, but a negative spirit with demonic knowledge.  Research shows demons rarely reveal their names, unless they are forced into a corner. Furthermore, the chances of an entity being demonic is rather slim. Yet, these facts didn’t improve the circumstance.

The events prior this session occurred at friend’s house, which we will identify with the name X. It’s no secret I love the paranormal and because of me being so open about the subject, X confided in me.  X explained she and multiple friends had seen a white cat running through her house. I became fascinated with the thought of a phantom cat and immediately wanted to experiment.

I relayed the information from X to my mother, who is responsible for introducing me to the paranormal.  However, at that time, she was just as inexperienced as myself.  After debate, we decided this would be our opportunity to experiment.  I called X and explained we wanted to investigate the situation with an Ouija board.  Sounding like a good idea, X said, “Let’s do it.”

It was a Friday night in February when we arrived at X’s house with the Ouija. Here, X took us to a room where the white cat had been seen on multiple occasions. With a mixture of nervousness and excitement, we set up the board, lit a few candles, and turned off the light.

The session began by us inquiring if any spirits would care to communicate.  The planchette was hesitant at first, then it began moving at a slow pace.  A few questions later, the planchette gained momentum, and began answering us with immediate response.  Through questioning, we discovered the present spirit was a male who was attached to the property.

Minutes later, the spirit began contradicting itself.  It took on the antics of a practical jokester and boasted it had been lying to us. By the spirit admitting this, I felt my stomach drop with a toiling mixture of fear, confusion, and disappointment.  Judging by the looks on everyone’s face, I wasn’t the only one who felt this way.

Although none of us said we needed to stop the session, we continued asking questions, like something was urging us to go further.  Starting back at square one, we asked again for the spirit to identify itself.  In response, it claimed it was neither male nor female and it never existed in human form.  Next, the planchette revealed the number 66 and the name Baal.

Deciding this was over our heads, we ended the session and prayed for protection.  In our prayer, we also asked that the spirit depart from X’s property.  When finished, we sat dumbfounded, questioning our experience.  The cat, the number 66, and Baal – none of this made sense to us.

Since we were entering the new age of smart phones, X and I began research.  As we opened up our browsers, we didn’t expect to find anything substantial, much less anything that connected the clues.  To our surprise, demonology explained Baal presented himself in the form of a toad or white cat.  Furthermore, he is a Duke of Hell with 66 legions of demons under his command.

By learning this information, chills raced throughout me.  We all looked to one another, wide eyed and stiff with tension.  Not knowing what else to do, Mom and I suggested X contact a professional, and for the time being, she needed to pray and raise her positive vibes throughout the house by laughing, listening to upbeat music, etc.

On the drive home, I felt something peculiar and heavy weigh on me.  Instead of worrying about my wellbeing, I considered I was just creeped out from the session.  In the passing days, I began experiencing a mixture of anxiety and depression.  In the passing nights, I began sleeping with a lamp on, feeling too intimidated to sleep in the dark.

As a month progressed, my home, which always felt welcoming, changed.  With all of the warmth that a normal home provides, my residence became drained of its inviting atmosphere, until it was reduced to the shell of a house.  There were days the void was so great that I would open my windows, doors, and curtains, to allow in natural light.  At first, this helped.  But the sunlight was nothing more than a bandage.  The change in atmosphere became so great, friends who would visit for long hours made their visits shorter, claiming the house felt tight and heavy.

Realizing none of this was normal, and this wasn’t just my emotions playing a trick on me, I was struck by an epiphany.  But I couldn’t be certain of my assumptions, until I received verification.  To support my conclusion, I called X and asked how things were. X explained there were no more problems.  That moment was when I realized the negative spirit followed me home.

Now understanding what I was dealing with, I explained the circumstance to my mother.  Unbeknownst to me, she had been speaking with a friend who was a catholic priest.  As a precautious measure, he provided her with the following prayer known as Chalking a Threshold, or the Epiphany Blessing of a Home


After preforming the prayer on my front and back steps, the problems started decreasing, like someone pulled the plug from a full sink of dingy water.  Within days, my house simply opened back up and started to feel welcoming.  Visitors, who didn’t know of the haunting or the threshold chalking, returned to visit me.  Each time they dropped by, their visits began lasting longer.  One person even commented, “I don’t know what you’ve done, but your home feels more open.”

The Table of Tears

Although unskilled Ouija sessions can be dangerous, a skilled Ouija session can provide peace and closure. As previously stated, I call my table “The Table of Tears” due to the crying that has occurred during our skilled sessions.  Despite the name immediately bringing a negative assumption to mind, the reasoning behind this name is anything but negative.

Numerous times, when people have cried at my table upon contacting their loved ones, they have done so due to joy or closure.  When speaking with a loved one through the Ouija, one will know it is them.  Not only is it a feeling one receives in their heart, but the spirit will use verbiage and spelling that one can identify with.  Also, the spirit will use nicknames, and reference old sayings for confirmation.  Don’t be alarmed if your loved one still maintains their humor, sarcasm, etc.  Death only ends the physical.  Personality traits rarely change.  Yet, there is one circumstance where we learned of a personality change due to the afterlife.

Last Halloween, I invited two guests to participate in my yearly Ouija session.  As expected, the first person who attempted contact succeeded, and due to the closure she received from her father, she cried tears of joy.

After her emotional experience, the other participant, who we will call Minnie, was hesitant to make contact.  For as long as I’ve known Minnie, she has always been an introvert, who believes that crying makes her appear weak.  Fearing that she too would cry, she explained she changed her mind.  However, something unusual happened.  Her grandfather immediately manifested and started operating the planchette.  To verify his identity, he used verbiage and nicknames that only she identified with.

In their conversation, Minnie asked how things were in Heaven.  He explained the ailments he suffered in life were no longer bothersome.  She asked how her cousin was in Heaven.  Her grandfather said, “He’s still hardheaded”.  Then he added her grandmother was with him, and she had a good heart now.  Since what we physically suffer isn’t transferred into the spirit realm, I assumed she had heart problems in life.  Yet, he continued by saying Minnie’s grandmother was sorry.  After he and Minnie exchanged, “I love you” he departed.

Although I’m not one to pry in personal affairs of what is conversed through an Ouija session, I asked, “Did your grandmother have a heart condition while living?”

Minnie explained that in life, her grandmother was a woman who showed little compassion.  Due to the way Minnie described her hardened personality, I could see she and her grandmother had little to no family bond.  However, by what just occurred, Minnie was now smiling while she wiped her tears away.  Doing this, she explained she received the closure she needed.

Ever since making spiritualism a part of my life, I have preached that rarely does anyone ever receive a demonic attack.  Rather if one comes in contact with a negative entity, there’s a good chance they aren’t faced with a demon, yet they are speaking with the spirit of a negative person, as death rarely changes a personality.  However, by Minnie learning of her grandmother having a change of heart, this proves death can change the person who has transitioned into a spirit.

Side Notes

As you can see, the Ouija board does have positive and negative aspects.  It all depends on how you use the board, the participants you invite, and your knowledge of what you are doing.

Don’t be surprised if there is no response on your first try, or other times when using the board.  This can be normal, as it is the spirit who chooses to speak with us when our heart calls to them.  More times than not, a response will come to those who are seeking.

For more paranormal related blogs, check out the blog I wrote two years ago by clicking HERE.




6 Responses to “Making Contact by Ouija”

  1. I played with the board a lot when I was younger, and I never had a scary experience. I often find that strange :/

    • Perhaps you were correctly protected or you were in a good place emotionally. These could be factors that played into your positive experiences.

      • I suppose so :/ My Ouija board experience was a strange. All the “entities” I spoke with said they were demons.

      • I would consider those just being spirits looking for attention, similar to my white cat experience. Sometimes when you invite random spirits to speak, you will get a lot of practical jokers. That’s why it’s important you conjure the spirit you wish to speak to by name.

      • I can see that, and I agree with. What’s stranger, though, is I did research online about the spirit I spoke to, and I saw other people had encounters him as well. After I spent the day researching, I had a horrible nightmare where a black entity was on top of me and I couldn’t move. The dream felt so feel – it was scary. However, I haven’t seen him since then. Most of my dreams consist of seeing demons, though, but they are rarely like the ones I mentioned before.

  2. Spirits that you never knew in human form can be very tricky and assume roles that are more powerful than what they really are. It is frightening when a legit name is presented that is proven to be a demonic name. No matter if the entity was demonic or not, the link I provided in my blog for Chalking the Doorway will get rid of any negative entity that is troubling you. If you are still having these problems, I would suggest trying the blessing.

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