Book Review for Forging Truth by Raymond F. Masters


Forging Truth: The Truth Saga, Book One is a good opening for a superhero series. Although superheroes aren’t what I’m used to reading about, I was pleased that my first exploration in the genre provided enough adventure to hold my interest.

In book one, Masters spends most of his time developing characters and scenarios that I could see being crucial as the series unfolds. The characters that drew me into this tale include: Kade Truth and Caduceus. Later in the book, I found myself becoming enthralled by the female character, Mao F’Yang, which I’m hoping will receive more book time in future volumes, as she is too likable to be dismissed.

With Caduceus, I was drawn to him because of his mentor styled personality. I loved how he was stern, yet wasn’t afraid to be playful with his dialogue. Kade was also fun to read about.  He was a determined character who strived to learn and rise above. Due to his actions, and how he grew as a hero in volume 1, I am eager to see how he will continue to grow and strengthen in the following book. Although the personalities of these men were likable and felt real, I would be lying if I said they weren’t attractive. I’m not certain if the author willingly gave them sex appeal or not, but I gained a mancrush for Caduceus and Kade. Mao F’Yang is a different circumstance to why she was a favorite. Although she is mentioned very little in this book, I have a feeling she will continue to grow. For me, she has a deep sense of mystery and quirkiness that cannot be ignored.  I feel, in time, she will reveal an intriguing backstory.

With my favorite characters aside, I found myself sucked into the concept of this book. It opens with a near death experience, gives a background story regarding how the Statue of Liberty was bombed, and it provides us with villains who are capable of doing worse acts than their current crimes. But the concepts that captivated me most weren’t even the events that I spoke of. What intrigued me was how Masters focused on the never ending battle between good and evil, in a spiritual sense. Of course, our main heroes are angels. However, they do have a human background, which is revealed through flashbacks. As the story is continuing to unfold, the reader is given not only an alternative world of existence, but an existence that defies space and time.

By the conclusion of Forging Truth, I was pleased to see all of the conflict that unfolded. The book resolves very little in regards to the evil doings of the villains, and due to the loose ends being left untied, I am anticipating what the upcoming sequel has in store.

Out of a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being poor, 10 being great. I would rate Forging Truth an 8. The audiobook experience was a 6 1/2. The overall experience, between audio and story, remains at an 8.

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