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Interview with Actor Chris Copeskey

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The Acquired Taste is a short film written for screen and directed by Chuck Jett, creator of Empty Coffin Studio Films.  It was tastefully adapted by the short story of the same title by author and producer Alexander S. Brown.  Fans can anticipate a free viewing of the film in 2017.  It is currently being shown at conventions throughout the Southern States.  Its next appearance will be at Contraflow Convention in New Orleans, LA. Click here to learn more about Contraflow.

For the first interview from this dark comedy, I would like to grant actor Chris Copeskey the stage, so that he may elaborate on his part in The Acquired Taste and his life.


  1. What made you want to be a part of The Acquired Taste?

C.C: I thought it was a very unique story. And I wanted to help one of my closest friends, bring his work to life.

  1. What was your experience like on set?

C.C: Being on set was a lot of fun. Everyone got along really well and fed off of each other (no pun intended) which really helped the scenes flow smoothly. Chuck Jett, who was the director, was a blast to work with.

  1. What other projects have you been a part of?

C.C: I was in a short called “Harvest Night”, in which I played the character, Eric. It was directed by Joey Crocker, who in my honest opinion has an incredible gift at directing.

  1. Are there any roles that you would turn down? Or are there any roles that would make you uncomfortable?

C.C: I wouldn’t turn down any roles because at the end of the day, I’m an actor. That’s what I do.

  1. What role is more fun? The victim, the hero, or the villain.  Why?

C.C: I think the villain role is a lot more fun because you get to play the bad guy. I love when people see me on the screen and then in real life and are like “You’re not mean like the guy you played in the movie!”.

  1. What got you into acting?

C.C: I got into acting because I had to take an elective my freshman year of high school and I chose Theatre. After being on stage the first time and seeing the audience’s reaction, I was hooked.

  1. What are some of your favorite movies?

C.C: Some of my favorite movies are “A League of their Own”, “One Hour Photo”, “The Sandlot”, most Rob Zombie movies, the list goes on.

  1. Who are your favorite actors/actresses? How do you draw inspiration from them?

C.C: My favorite actor of all time is Robin Williams. It seems like every time he’s on screen, you can’t take your eyes off of him. He can be funny, serious, creepy, etc. I draw inspiration from him because I hear how much people love him and if I can get 1/10 of the love he gets, I would be happy.

  1. Who are your favorite directors?

C.C: One of my favorite directors is Rob Zombie. He pushes the envelope in his movies. He creates films that are truly unique. Wes Craven is another one of my favorite directors. He was one of the guys who paved the way for horror.

  1. What future projects are you working on?

C.C: I’m going to be doing a couple of projects in the next few months, but due to confidentiality reasons, I cannot disclose the names of the projects.

  1. Tell us about yourself.

C.C: I’m originally from Fargo, North Dakota. I have a gorgeous fiancé named Beth, who fully supports me in my path of film. I love to have a good time and make people laugh. My best friend/brother Jeremy Laird, has also helped me a lot on my path. He and Beth both motivate me all of the time.

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Purchase a copy of the book Traumatized HERE!  The Acquired Taste can be found among its 15 short stories.

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