One of the rules of horror is to hit the audience hard at the beginning of your work, then save the hardest hit for the conclusion. That rule doesn’t apply with horror author Todd Card.

In Hell Cometh, Mr. Card hits us hard with his opening, and beats us to a bloody pulp from middle to end. The novel opens as a period piece, focusing on America when it was known as “The New World”. The reader is introduced to an Indian tribe who discovers a damnable artifact. Upon innocently playing with this artifact, the gates of Hell burst open and the Indian village is ravished by demonic zombies. After the bloodshed, the wrongs are corrected and the tribe is left picking up the pieces.

We jump forward to modern times and meet a great cast of characters. Some of my favorite characters were Christian, Mert, and Dixie. I felt most connected to Christian, because he was portrayed as a normal teenager, who was typecast as satanic because he was different. I also loved Dixie because despite her flaws, especially with her daughter Venus, she protected what was hers. Finally, there is Mert, which I admire, because he is arguably the lowest outcast of the bunch. This character is mentally underdeveloped and is seen by everyone as a “Simpleton”, however, just because he’s slow, doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of being a hero.  For about 100 pages, great character development is given, and I didn’t feel like the author rambled or over described. He built a cast that I really grew to care about and after becoming acquainted with his characters, all Hell breaks loose.

The Hell scene was one of my favorite scenes, as it was so gruesome I wondered if Todd Card was the reincarnation of the Marquis De Sade.  After witnessing the depths of Hell, the underworld vomits out what used to be a human boy.  I felt this child was very symbolic to the Antichrist. However, this symbolism quickly changes as he gains a partner, and the reader is left with two hell spawns, Adam and Little D, who feel more like a satanic Adam and Eve.

Once Adam and Little D ransack the community, the reader is introduced to cannibalism, torture, murder, and survival. Upon Christian, Mert, and Dixie joining together, we discover that there is a way to close the gates of Hell and send all of the evil back from wince it came.  Yet, to accomplish this, innocent blood must be spilled, and the only three innocent people are Mert, Christian, and Venus.

Until the last sentence, I was biting my nails because these characters were among my favorites, and I knew one had to die. Although, I know who was sacrificed, I won’t share that with you, I don’t like giving away spoilers. You should simply stop your debate and buy Hell Cometh now. You’ll like the characters, the action, and the heart pounding conclusion.

Here’s a link to Hell Cometh via Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Hell-Cometh-Todd-Card-ebook/dp/B0076BLNGG/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1429063641&sr=1-1&keywords=hell+cometh+by+todd+card


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