See Halloween Through the Eyes of Horror Photographer Danielle K. L. Anathema

As I continue my quest to find out what Halloween means to horror authors and artists, I felt that my search would be incomplete without interviewing Danielle K. L. Anathema of Anathema Photography. I wish I could elaborate on a grand story regarding how we met, but the best I can say is I stumbled across Anathema Photography online and since then I have been a huge fan. Although I have never had the pleasures of meeting this fantastic artist in life, meeting her in person is on my bucket list. Now, I present to you the beautifully gruesome Danielle K. L. Anathema.



As a child Danielle K. L. Anathema had horrific nightmares. She was always terrified of the dark and what was lurking in the corners, in the closet, or under her bed. She learned to embrace the unknown and eventually found ways to welcome the twisted images that haunted her dreams. She opened her mind to this new world she had created where the deformed, the bizarre, and the unconventional were beautiful, sensual, and above all, accepted.

Her philosophises suggest that the darkness can be mesmerizing, scary, romantic, and humorous. Through her photography she is able to express her passion by capturing the world of horror, humour, and erotica through the eye of her camera.

“It is an honour to be able to share my vision, to fascinate, and to provoke.” Danielle K.L. Anathema – Anathema Photography

What does Halloween mean to you?

It’s a time of transition to me. The fall colours, cool breezes, and the stores finally carrying merchandise I would buy. I just love the mood of October.

What is your most memorable Halloween?

When I was in my teens, one Halloween I was having inappropriate relations with my boyfriend when this huge masked man came in with a knife. It was quite a chase, but then this Dr. Loomis guy came and saved my life. Pretty crazy night.

How do you celebrate Halloween today?

I really enjoy the atmosphere of fall and love all the ghoulish goodies that come out around this time, but honestly I usually avoid the large Halloween crowds of the city because it’s not what it’s about to me. Although I do enjoy the scantily clad costumes 😉

What was your best Halloween costume?

The costumes I have enjoyed the most was when I got to tear up a piece of my body with fx makeup…love open gory wounds.

What was your worst Halloween costume?

When I was really young I got my first premade costume, Casper the ghost. It was a plastic mask that I could hardly breathe in and it didn’t smell pleasant. That definitely helped inspire me to do fx makeup.

Some people believe Halloween is a negative Holiday to celebrate. Why do you feel Halloween has such a controversy to it?

It’s fascinating how the ‘holiday’ has evolved from Samhain to slutty bunnies and candy. I feel most of the controversy comes from religious beliefs and fear of the unknown. I think people are frightened of ‘darkness’ and if they don’t know how to embrace it, they condemn it.

What do you do to keep the ghosts and ghouls away on Halloween night?

I welcome them!

What frightens you and why?

The mall. It’s a giant crowded coffin of loud consumer zombies under florescent lights. Keeps me up at night.

What’s your favorite scary movie and why?

That is a really difficult question because there are so many sub-genres of horror. I guess Alien or Hellraiser would be up there. They both have that lovely sci-fi touch plus the SPFX and monsters were beautiful.

What’s your favorite horror book and why?

Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk, it’s the first book that actually made me nauseated with his descriptions.

Do you prefer slow burners or fast paced thrillers?

It really does depend on my mood, but if a movie is well done then I really enjoy an atmospheric creepy film.

What inspires your more frightening work?

It usually comes down to raw emotions and how I can turn them into visuals. When working with a client I like to take a piece of their personality and twist it into something darker.

Do you plan to contribute to the horror genre in the future?

Always! Much more to come, plus I’m in the final stages of directing and producing my first short film with a kick ass team – A Gift for Amelia.

Where can we find your work? and plus I attend a few horror conventions and my work has been published in a variety of publications.


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