Ghost Hunting Philosophy by Alexander S. Brown


One of the most famous questions throughout history – Do ghosts exist?  I am not here to convince you if they do, but to share a philosophy which could help the questionable mind. Having participated within multiple paranormal investigations and séances, I have, in some circumstances, interacted with the spirit realm and other times I have encountered unfruitful situations.  Throughout this blog I have posted photos that are unexplained.

Rules in my philosophy when conducting a paranormal experiment.

  1. Enter the investigation with a skeptical mind, debunk, debunk, debunk, and when you’re done, debunk some more.  The goal should be to prove the location is not haunted. (Debunking includes: reenacting questionable sounds and photos, and checking wiring.  When doing an E.V.P. voice check – such as if you sneeze, say clearly after, “Alex sneezing.”  Believe it or not but sneezing, coughing, yawning, etc. can sound extremely demonic – this is why voice tags are important.)
  2. If all debunking is complete and the situation remains unsolved, it is time to consider perhaps the disturbance is paranormal.
  3. One should not think a paranormal investigation should yield results in the first visit.  A location should be investigated multiple times.  I have encountered cases which have lasted weeks to months and some that remain cold cases.
  4. When all debunking has failed and conversing with a spirit is necessary, the number one rule is not to antagonize the departed.  Remember you are entering the home of the spirit and if it doesn’t want to speak with you, it doesn’t have to.  Antagonizing the spirit is a bullying method that causes negativity.  The situation can be like a chat room bully, the protagonist will either be ignored or retaliated against.
  5. When investigating, take notes and share them when the investigation concludes.  If you hear a voice on the E.V.P., write down what you think it says. Speaking an assumption can influence the thoughts of others.

Example:  You have a group of six investigators.  All investigators write down what they think they hear in the E.V.P. recording.  One of the six writes, “I’m going to get you.”  The other five write, “I can’t forget you.”  A vote of five win over the one.


Demons vs. Spirits

Such as angels and spirits, demons do exist.  However, the chance of seeing a demon is rarer than seeing a spirit and equally as rare as seeing an angel or spirit guide.

People will say they are haunted by a demon.  In most cases, if the situation can’t be debunked, they are simply haunted by an angry spirit.  My argument is if a person is a jerk in life, death won’t make him or her any nicer.  If a situation does prove to be demonic, refer to a church leader for assistance.  This is of course after debunking, psychiatric evaluation, and observation.


Reality vs. Entertainment

When we think of hauntings we think of movies such as the Paranormal Activity franchise, Poltergeist, etc.  The truth is, hauntings are not that extreme.  Even when TV shows reenactment hauntings, they bump up the scare factor for entertainment.  Actual hauntings are much more subtle, so subtle that unless you have the correct equipment (E.V.P.’s, cameras, EMF readers, etc.) the disturbance can be easily dismissed.

Demonic activity does exist and includes: scratching, bruising, depression, anxiety, and paranoia.

As you can see the symptoms of a haunting can be similar to a house with settling problems and a demonic attack could be nothing more than a troubled mind.  This is why you must investigate nonstop and do whatever it takes to debunk the situation of being paranormal.  By debunking you can save a family the stress of wondering what could be happening when the problem is simply poor floorboards, bad pluming, and electrical issues.  You can also save a troubled person the mental stress of what they think is a demonic attack by politely suggesting a psychiatric evaluation.  In more extreme situations where they are demonic entities, only professionals should investigate.

Now that we have considered the possibilities of hauntings and demonic attacks, I am here to say that both do exist, however, their existence isn’t as common as one would think.  Again, your goal is to prove a house is not haunted or a person isn’t possessed, any other goal when conducting an investigation, which does not include the mental or physical betterment of the client (those investigators who rule out debunking and go straight to “this house is haunted scenario”) are investigators, who have either not had the proper training or looking for fame.

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